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  • Andre Dubus III: House of Sand and Fog
    I loved this book. I have not seen the film yet, which I like. A fascinating contrast between cultures, genders, and geo-political realities. (*****)
  • Stephen King: On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
    A lifelong obsession with the romance of being a novelist led me to this book. It does take some of the mystery out of the craft, and I will probably read it again if I ever find the time to write.
  • Khaled Hosseini: The Kite Runner
    By far the best book I've read in awhile. Illuminated a more hopeful side to the struggling Afghanistan nation.
  • Jodi Picoult: My Sister's Keeper
    Terrific read, especially the last 150 pages. A truly honest novel about the coming problems of sick children, with deperate parents, and the option of creating genetically perfect replacement parts siblings.
  • The Monk and the Riddle: Randy Komisar
    Great insight into the unique world of Venture Capital Entrepreneurialism.
    This was a surprisingly moving tale. It is a quintessentially human tale of our frailty, our power, and our unanswerable questions. Quite thought provoking and a page-turner once the characters are established.
  • Malcolm Gladwell: Blink
    Fascinating look at the power of snap judgements, human intuition, and it's implications on society.

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Finali Corp. Sold to Convergys Corporation

Press Release

I was the CTO and co-founder of a company called Finali Corporation, which we sold in November 2004 to Convergys, the largest customer care outsourcer in the world. I've spent the last year working with Convergys to insert our value proposition into their business.

A bit more about Finali. In 1999, along with my brother Bob, I founded Finali Corporation as a VC-backed company. Our original VC syndicate included three Boulder, Colorado based firms (Sequel Ventures, Boulder Ventures, and Mobius Ventures) and was created with a vision to re-invent the contact center business. Over the course of it's existence, Finali proved that contact centers are rich repositories of business intelligence and that - with Finali's consultative model and automation software called netSage (a Finali acquisition in 2000) - a contact center and it's data can be at the heart of a business process re-engineering effort. Through our business model of analysis and automation, Finali successfully removed up to 30% of the cost of customer care from contact centers in 5 industry verticals.

Here's my bio:

A member of InfoWorld's Advisory Council and Top 100 CTO Network, Finali VP, CTO, and co-founder Dan Burgin has led the development of many web-based products and businesses. Previous to Finali, Burgin managed product development for Infonautics Corporation (now Tucows), where he designed implementation architectures for international expansion, and led the conception, design, and development of several of Infonautics' Internet products.

Prior to Infonautics, Burgin was Director of Technology at KnowledgeFlow. There, Burgin led interactive-media project development for such Fortune 1000 Corporations as Apple Computer, American Express and CoreStates Bank.